Starting off the New Year

I have had a blog since 2010 that was dedicated to my art, other peoples’ art, school, travel, rambles, art parties, art politics – you name it, it was on there. Some days I felt like writing an essay, some days I just posted a photo. I talked about my travels in England, my visit to the Tate Modern, the year that was 2011 aka the year I was determined to be in an art show every month as if my life depended on it, and the final show of my bachelor degree. The only problem was, I stopped posting. Other than a short lull after graduation in 2012, I didn’t stop producing, but it sure looked like I did. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to set more time aside to post more often. Then I got the crazy idea of going back to school, and now I’m in a class on Social Media and it’s like the stars have aligned and kicked me in the ass to get this going. This is going to be a good year, and this is my start to it.

I’m torn between bringing my old entries over or starting fresh. I think I am going to revisit the material on my old blog and reflect on things that have happened by writing new posts on old stories, rather than drag old stuff over. That, and I am a little afraid to read through and shake my head at what I assume would be some intentional misuse of grammar to make a point, haha. I could change my mind. Who knows.


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