Eristoff / @SelfieAtTheWaldorf Social Media Photo Booth

Detail shot of the main wall

The power of social media as a marketing tool has skyrocketed over the past few years and At The Waldorf knows it. Wouldn’t you agree that Instagram is like the new status update? Who needs to tell someone where you are, when you can show them?

I’ve been working on a project at At The Waldorf (no, not a typo – that’s the new-ish name of the historical Vancouver hot spot on East Hastings) The Eristoff / @SelfieAtTheWaldorf photo booth I just finished is your way of showing people where you spent your night. Eristoff is a vodka that is parented by Bacardi, that just happens to have wicked imagery full of wolves, full moons and cold winter nights. When I was asked to work on this project I was more than excited; let’s be honest – that is right up my alley my friends. I combined the Eristoff imagery with more tiki-esque style images like tiki gods, palm leaves, coconuts and pineapples to create the photo booth that is meant to be interacted with. Ideas changed and the room evolved as more imargery went up on the wall, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Next time you’re at At The Waldorf, stop into the room and take some picturesof your own and don’t forget to tag @SelfieAtTheWaldorf!

I’ve grown rather fond of my new skeleton friends but they’re feeling a little nameless, no? More to come on that. Hint: Think of some names and you may be rewarded 🙂

Date of completion: Sunday, February 21st

I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

In progress photo of the main wall and Eristoff wall
The boozy skeleton
The first #SelfieAtTheWaldorf ft. me!

Wildfire Luminescent Paints

Anyone who knows me, knows the plight that is me attempting to get ahold of luminescent paint over the last couple months. I have a job coming up that I am unbelievably excited for that I need to use luminescent paint for, and I have had THE most difficult time getting my paws on some. I called about 50 paint stores in Vancouver and no one seemed to carry it unless it gets ordered in, in which case it is more cost efficient for me to order it directly. After recently suffering at the hands of brokerage fees from a different purchase, I decided to have it ordered to a PMB in Blaine, a quick drive across the border. chelsealawrick

So now, months later, I finally have the paint and this weekend I unpacked it to give it a go. It took me a bit to wrap my head around painting with these – usually I use a fair bit of medium and/or water to get a water colour consistency to the paints, and I didn’t realize how much I painted like that until I had to remember to not use any water! The use of water really impacts how much this paint glows, so keep it pure.

I felt like I may have been driving my friend a little nuts today as I continually turned my lights on and off, and used my handy black light contraption from Canadian Tire as an aid to see how it was turning out. One thing I did not expect: With the lights off, the painting looked awesome. Turn the lights on, and it was a different story. I think at one point I laughed and said it looked like an 8 year old painted it. If you’re ever going to use these paints, be prepared to do two paintings – one with the lights off, and then with the lights on you need to adjust a lot of the colouring. The job I’ll be starting this week is a black light photobooth at a busy night club in Vancouver (more to come about that later) and although the hope is that people will make use of the black lights to take their selfies, it’s likely someone will put their flash on at some point, and I’d like both versions to be equal in quality. A little more work and I got it right.

wildfire1Overall, these paints are awesome. They are really bright, a nice consistency (I was afraid they were going to be watery like the cheap tempera paints we used in elementary school) and best of all, it’s super satisfying to paint glowing lines onto dark canvas under the glow of a black light. My favourite paint out of the ones I purchased is by far the white. Apparently it’s the only one in the industry that glows a true white, and it really helped with blending different shades.

I’m really looking forward to beginning the project this week, and will post more as it progresses.

Check out Wildfire Paints here.


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Starting off the New Year

I have had a blog since 2010 that was dedicated to my art, other peoples’ art, school, travel, rambles, art parties, art politics – you name it, it was on there. Some days I felt like writing an essay, some days I just posted a photo. I talked about my travels in England, my visit to the Tate Modern, the year that was 2011 aka the year I was determined to be in an art show every month as if my life depended on it, and the final show of my bachelor degree. The only problem was, I stopped posting. Other than a short lull after graduation in 2012, I didn’t stop producing, but it sure looked like I did. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to set more time aside to post more often. Then I got the crazy idea of going back to school, and now I’m in a class on Social Media and it’s like the stars have aligned and kicked me in the ass to get this going. This is going to be a good year, and this is my start to it.

I’m torn between bringing my old entries over or starting fresh. I think I am going to revisit the material on my old blog and reflect on things that have happened by writing new posts on old stories, rather than drag old stuff over. That, and I am a little afraid to read through and shake my head at what I assume would be some intentional misuse of grammar to make a point, haha. I could change my mind. Who knows.